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About Marten Jansen

Marten Jansen, painter and composer

Marten Jansen is an abstract painter, as well as a composer of music. Although today I’m known for being a painter (see rather than for my music, I have wanted to become a composer of music since my late teens. Unable to fulfill my musical dreams as a young person I gave up music altogether and started to paint. Then, this year (2009), a book about music theory that I found in a library reignited my interest in music, which resulted in a recording I call Composition One.

Both in my own music, as well as a listener to other people’s music, I don’t feel tied to any particular style. My favorite composers are Wagner, Bach, Satie and Schönberg, but I also like modern styles such as rock, funk, blues, and dance.
As a composer I don’t feel tied to the harmonic constraints of pop music (including rock and blues), with its emphasis on I, IV, V chord structures, but I hope that my music will still appeal to people that usually listen to pop music only. Why do I feel that way? Because, as an artist, I don’t want to be an elitist, catering to the artistic needs of the intelligentsia only. For me, every form of art is a means of communication, above all, and the more people I can reach with my art the merrier.