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You Said

You Said is an ode to guitar rock. During the 1980s I was a fan of guitar bands like Dire Straits, U2, Simple Minds and The Stones, but then, at some point, guitar rock became so predictable and retro that I switched to House music, until in pure desperation I switched to classical music, mid-90s.
Now, as a song writer, I feel strangly attracted to styles of guitar rock which I wouldn’t touch as a listener, such as Nu Metal. I have realized that EZDrummer (and Superior Drummer) complements my style in that its makers seem to originate from Hard Rock. You Said makes ample use of EZDrummer’s Expansion Kit called Twisted Kit which was put together by renowned drummer Michael Blair and consists of things like cake pans, drawers and other unorthodox drum items.
Like in Come and Your Dreams I make use of the Vocal Foundry sample DVD, for vocals.

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