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Jazzmine update

I have added an update to the song Jazzmine Revolution, because I felt it wasn’t quite right. I made some changes between 2:10 and 2:20. I don’t blame you if you don’t notice the difference at first, but the change gives the second part of the song a more natural flow.
You can tell apart the old version from the new version in that the old version’s file name is jazzmine.mp3 and the new version is jazzmine-revolution.mp3.

I’m working to get my new track on music streaming sites like Spotify and iTunes. If I can get my end of the process done next week, then it will be another 5 weeks for Spotify to be able to list my song on their site, so the song’s release date will be some 6 weeks from now, IF I hit no snags.

Update, Aug 23th: it seems I uploaded the wrong file.  Forget about the file jazzmine-revolution.mp3, the correct version is JazzmineRevolution.mp3.

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