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I Can Hear Your Voice

Hello Music Lovers,

My new song is called “I Can Hear Your Voice” and will be released on July 16 from:

Amazon MP3

Just so that you know: I’m not making any money with this.  So far Spotify has reported one stream, the rest nothing. Of course I inquired with the music distribution sites I used, but they are just saying that the above-mentioned sites (and others) are not reporting any streams or downloads. The streaming and download sites delegate their contacts with artists to the distribution sites, so I would have to sue the former to get any information out of them. For me that would be to great of a financial risk. What exactly makes these companies release the implausible data is a question that each person is free to speculate on, and please do, but don’t feel deterred by all of this to download or stream my music.

Art is stronger than politics!