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Free…I like free. I want the people in the Middle-East and North-Africa to be free. I want everybody to be free.
Economically, free means something different, in the English language. It means that you don’t pay for something, like air, or sunshine.
On the Internet free has been important. Microsoft got a foothold in the browser market, because Internet Explorer was free while Netscape was not. As the Internet developed during the late 90s and the early 2000s, free became a given right to the Internet consumer.
Free is good, for everybody and for me too. People can view my paintings, read my articles and download my music for free, which has brought my creative spasms to the attention of many, not as a goal in itself, but because it gives me a chance (no more than that) to escape the fate of the much beloved and equally much derided starving artist.
But make no mistake. For a lone webmaster working on a shoe string budget, it takes a long time, a lot of work and skills that aren’t a matter of course, to get any kind of search engine ranking. And even then it takes ten years at least to get to anything that resembles critical mass: that the peoples regard you as worthy of their precious approval. I dig that, no questions asked.
Thanks to the notoriety of my paintings my music got downloaded from day one. I put them online as soon as they were ready and people listened to them. Everybody happy.
Until I started to get some rather unpleasant vibes along the lines of: “It goes on….and on……and on…..giggle-giggle…..”, meaning that a new parasitic relationship had been born. No hard feelings, but that’s just what it meant and it was my fault, so it was time to quit, I had no other choice.
And now all the new songs I have made are “burning in my pocket” as it were. I’m dying to get them out, but I can’t, the system doesn’t work.

From BBC website:

“If your business plan counts on copying going down it’s the wrong business plan. It just won’t work.

“What you’ll do instead is finding yourself locked in an arms race with the people who you’re hoping to sell things to.”

I dig that too. Punishing the Internet user for illegal downloading is nonsensical. You, the free-downloader are my friend, not a criminal.

Why the system isn’t working is a multi-faceted question, which I can’t get into. I can only do my part:
I’m rocking – :