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Time Goes On

My new song is titled Time Goes On. I drew upon similar resources as in Your Dreams and You Said with the difference that Time Goes On is 9 minutes long. Previously I didn’t have the confidence to move beyond 4 or 5 minutes and would end a song at the first opportunity.
Time Goes On is an “open ended” song. It doesn’t go out with a bang but ends in a kind of ambiguous way. I don’t quite understand the ending myself, so an update may follow. Don’t download at random, in anticipation of an update, because I will mention any updates in this post.

Now, with Time Goes On finished, I will have the opportunity to work with the new virtual instruments I bought. Hopefully my laptop has enough RAM to support that, because RAM is really the bottleneck in computer based music production. The problem is that I will have to buy a whole new computer just to double my RAM, because it seems to me, correct me if I’m wrong, that computer manufacturers now articifially limit RAM capacity and RAM expandability. A correct business decision undoubtedly, but a major headache to me.

The thing to watch with Time Goes On is that it’s a 13 MB download. This is just the consequence of home recording, because in order to get a decent sound quality you can do little compression to reduce the file size and even then some parts sound a little scrappy, especially the electric guitars with all their overtones.

In this song I used:

  • Vocaloid Miriam
  • Pro Tools loops and sounds
  • Vocal Foundry
  • Voices of Africa
  • Nu Metal City 2
  • Dubstep Plates 2
  • Symphonic Manoeuvres
  • 80’s Punk & New Wave
  • Superior Drummer Avatar, Twisted Kit & Electronic
  • Ableton Live Suite 8