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Requiem for Batman

Abstract art by Marten Jansen, abstract artist and musician

Requiem for Batman is a hommage to Batman (March 6 2000 – April 21 2006).

I’ve made a habit out of alternating songs with drums and pop vocals with songs that are based on Vocaloid and result in a mix of classical music and jazz. The classical angle is due to listening to classical music a lot and the jazz to studying jazz on guitar.
As it turns out, when I use Vocaloid (Prima, I can’t get the hang of Miriam yet), the ideal instruments to combine with Prima are a bass guitar multi-sample and a keyboard synthesizer sound. That’s what Tell Me is all about, and much of Batman’s Requiem. The keyboard synth sound is warmer and more direct and compelling than a piano.

Tell Me was inspired by Satie, who showed how to mix old European music with modern styles, and by Bach, the arch-counterpointillist. The way I use vocals is inspired by Wagner, and also some general composition issues, so I was beginning to wonder where Mahler had gone. These days I’ve become a little disenchanted with Mahler, because he lacks a certain authenticity and the raw musical talent that folks like Bach and Satie have. However, his First Symphony is still a marvel of originality (not to be confused with authenticity) and fresh innovation.
It would be wrong to assume that this Requiem for Batman or Tell Me are exclusively European music. I’ve heard Pygmees in the African rain forrests play melodies quite similar to mine, but very short, one or two bars. The difference is not one of cultural refinement, but of technological advancement.

On Oct 16th a new version of Requiem for Batman was uploaded, which has some minor changes.