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Hefty fee

Hefty is the fee iTunes charges for downloads that are over 10 minutes long, a whopping $9.99. To change that, I’d have to file a request with my aggregator and have done so many times before, but at some point I got bored with the routine, and figured that people can buy the download for $0.99 at other sites just as easily.



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See This from Above (Feat. TheMo)

I can be very absent-minded. On my art site I misnamed a painting and on the download and streaming sites a song. Now I’ve done it. Keen observers have noticed my collaboration with TheMo, but on See This from Above (out 16 Feb) I forgot to credit him. Forgot, yes, because I’m an absent-minded son […]

I Can Hear Your Voice

Hello Music Lovers, My new song is called “I Can Hear Your Voice” and will be released on July 16 from: iTunes Amazon MP3 Spotify eMusic Rhapsody Just so that you know: I’m not making any money with this.  So far Spotify has reported one stream, the rest nothing. Of course I inquired with the […]

Ultra Violet

To be painfully precise, this song will be available (from June 18) from the following stores: some stores, such as Spotify, may take up to two weeks longer iTunes: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French, […]

Feel Alive

I’m learning this as I go. Some songs are available on iTunes and Spotify, one is available on iTunes only, some earlier songs are on a host of download and streaming sites. The current song, dear reader, will be on the following sites: iTunes Amazon MP3 Spotify eMusic Rhapsody I sent the song to the […]

He Was A Middle Aged Caucasian

Holy Smoke!….for the lack of stronger language…. I asked the music distributor to fix the typo in the song title, but it’s still present in the album title. Never mind about that. That middle aged caucasians can’t spell is well known. A slightly bigger problem is that the song is listed at iTunes as costing […]

Jazzmine update

I have added an update to the song Jazzmine Revolution, because I felt it wasn’t quite right. I made some changes between 2:10 and 2:20. I don’t blame you if you don’t notice the difference at first, but the change gives the second part of the song a more natural flow. You can tell apart […]


Free…I like free. I want the people in the Middle-East and North-Africa to be free. I want everybody to be free. Economically, free means something different, in the English language. It means that you don’t pay for something, like air, or sunshine. On the Internet free has been important. Microsoft got a foothold in the […]

Time Goes On

My new song is titled Time Goes On. I drew upon similar resources as in Your Dreams and You Said with the difference that Time Goes On is 9 minutes long. Previously I didn’t have the confidence to move beyond 4 or 5 minutes and would end a song at the first opportunity. Time Goes […]

You Said

You Said is an ode to guitar rock. During the 1980s I was a fan of guitar bands like Dire Straits, U2, Simple Minds and The Stones, but then, at some point, guitar rock became so predictable and retro that I switched to House music, until in pure desperation I switched to classical music, mid-90s. […]